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Ladies of the '80s: A Divas Christmas

Five internationally-known, glamorous, 80s soap opera stars reunite to share the spotlight and shoot the final Christmas episode of their long-running soap opera. The Ladies play cupid to the young director and producer and romanc...

Comedy, Romance

A Not So Royal Christmas

Tabloid journalist Charlotte attempts to land an interview with a reclusive Count. In response, the royal family has a groundskeeper pose as the Count since the real one fled years ago.


Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse

While best known as the creator of Batman, around 1960, Bob Kane created the animated series, Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse - as parody of Batman. This series explored the more campy aspects of the Batman TV series which followe...

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Thriller 40

Follows the making of Michael Jackson's record-breaking album "Thriller".

Documentary, Music

Teen Wolf

Saturday morning cartoon based on the movie.

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Dark Entities

Following a tragic accident in 1977, the three Winters siblings move into the mysterious home they inherited. They soon discover the house holds dark secrets that seek to threaten everything they hold dear.

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Ouija Shark 2

When the Ouija Shark emerges from Hell to cause havoc once more on earth, a sorcerer with a history of fighting the ghostly great white must follow it into a multiverse hellscape for one final battle. But this time he is bringing ...


The Shepherd

On Christmas Eve, a fighter pilot on his way home gets lost mid-flight over water and needs a miracle to land safely.

Short, Drama, Fantasy

Samosa & Sons

A submissive small-town man married to an ultra-modern cosmopolitan is brainwashed into producing a son by his dead father's ghost. In time, he is hit by a startling realisation.


How the Gringo Stole Christmas

Bennie's daughter is on her way home for the holidays. However she surprises him by arriving with her brand new boyfriend - an uninvited GRINGO.



A tornado, infested with prehistoric monsters, has formed in the Bermuda Triangle, and is making its way towards land. Now the city must fight to survive against these deadly creatures.

Action, Horror

The Dark Sisters

Sisters Jorie and Kaidon attempt to reconnect over a vacation in the woods after a terrible secret drove them apart.